New Music Monday

New Music

Alright, once again its that time of the week it's new music session. I could have been an A&R in my previous life because music speaks to my soul. I love the indie artist and breaking ground artist simply because they are yet jaded by the "politics" of show business. They do the music simply because they love it and it's their voice they are trying to get out there. I like this track a lot and all its missing is a remix and its good......what do you guys think?

Mina Tobias-Another One

Monday Vibes

I love #Mondays before you say it, no not because it's the start of the week. Mondays are unconventional it's always a mixed bag. You either get crazy or you get super nuttier than a fruitcake on holiday. I usually will check in by Wednesday to make all is well with everyone. Should be happy with everyday an opportunity to celebrate life. Just don't kill my vibe cheers to mondays and music. What's your fave day of the week?

Ladies First..


It's been a rough twenty four hours if you've been on twitter land. Yes #Nickiminaj and #CardiB are fighting again. Nothing too see here,but like all "visual car crashes" you can't help but look. I mean when did it become this....for females to be at each other's throats so bad. You don't even know what to make of it,and in the words of CBreezy and Ella mai this is a "whatchamacallit# situation. It's sad to think two women who are at the top of the game, can't come together and make moves together. Open doors for other struggling #femcees and build a legacy. I  think of the days where you had Queen la, Mclyte, Monie love,Roxanne,Salt N peppa etc. You had femcees singing "ladies first" and coming together because they were all they had . I pick no side,because obviously there's not a winner or loser to pick from. All I can say is do better ladies....tell me what you guys think about all this? 


Your voice Your vote...

Your voice Your vote

I know it's the weekend and October came and went pretty fast and can't believe #Halloween is right around the corner. The most exciting thing right now for me though is the elections that are coming for local, state and federal government. In so doing my part this year has partnered up with reminding you guys to get registered. I registered early as to avoid any issues with ID or errors. In case you're not sure early voting starts Monday the 22nd and you can avoid the long lines and vote early. Don't forget you also have the option of mailing in your absentee ballot as well. This year for me I prefer to go in and pull the lever for and make my vote count in a way that's personal. My vote is my voice and I can't be heard if don't vote.........Are you registered yet? if you are you can also check your voter status and make sure Don't get left behind get in line and make it count. Get registered today.....#vote#rockthevote2018

Friday vibing......#Whatchamacallit

Friday Vibes or @Whatchamacallit.....Estelle's new album is a must have!!
Related image

My favorite tracks are "so easy with Luke James, "Karma ft Hoodcelebrity", "Better" and "One more

Now this song is a complete "BOP" by EllaMai and Chris Brown #Whatchamacallit. I'm going to call it now, it will become an anthem to many by accident. Got to give it to Ella Mai she knows how to write to catch a vibe...good or bad.

Trend Blazers

Trend Blazers

In every woman's closet are simple basics or better known as "go to pieces". I mean it's a mandatory fact of life that one needs to have a little black dress somewhere in their closet. Also, the same reason why you're told over and over again not to wear white after labor but still do anyway. The thing of it is fashion has no rules because the same thing frowned upon now will be the same thing in style later. Why you should never get rid of three things number one A little black dress, two a good blazer and three a good pair of jeans. I digress but let head back to the main topic at hand......yay fall is here and the leaves are changing and it's going to get frosty. It jacket and blazer season, a true fashion must for the season is the classic blazer. Gingham, stripes, checkered, plaid, textured are the multiple patterns that are a hit for the season, some of my faves are coming from 
Slide View 5: Emily Blazer

or if you want a little but of fuss and flair rock this from

One word....OSAKA!!!

One Word....OSAKA!!

Image result for osaka

Congratulations on a well-deserved win against one of the greatest Serena Williams.You've made Haiti (father) and Japan (mother) proud #OSAKA the ladies champ!!

Friday Music Session......

Friday Music Session.....

I don't know about you but for me, Friday's are the epitome of kids hearing this is the last day of school. The moment you wait all year because summer's about to start and you just want to hang out and have a ball. #TGIF was not only an acronym it was a way of life, waiting on Friday night to come on for Family Matters or a school function or chilling with friends. In the midst of all that was "new music week" where previews for the latest band or act on TRL or 106 and park. I know, I know TRL is back but trust it does not have the same energy nor feel. I need the exects to go back being exects and reopen the roles back for great A&R, Musical acts, R&B singers and sangers and true talent. But in the meantime in between time get acquainted with my Friday Five countdown.....What's your five for 5 playlists?

  1. SummerTime-Childish the choreography by #kinjaz

2.Neyo-Push Back

3.Vivian Green-Vibes

4. Meaku-summer love remix

5.Janet Jackson-Made for now

Milk does a face good.....

African Millennials....

In case no one has told you.....there are some great series on Youtube, that are Soo worth watching. I recently stumbled upon the "Tough Love" series and binged watched all three seasons. Youtube have opened the "floor" to such an array of talent, that if you're not watching you should be. This is how I discovered Issa Rae as an "awkward black girl" or currently watching my home girl's"African Millennials". Which currently airing it's second season might I had and so far I'm hoping for season 3. If you're not watching you should and if you are what are some of your favorites?

Shouts out to @iamsamfierce for putting me on to African Millennials....check them out

And "Tough Love" the series

Dear BET,Netflix,Hulu, Showtime or HBO pick up this series totally worth it. So much material and realistic writing about today's dating seen and relationships.

Jump into spring....

So #Spring is officially here and I'm not complaining at all. The weather these past few months left me looking for the brighter side of things. Well celebrated another #Bday and decided to rock a jumpsuit for part of my birthday celebrations. In case no one told you stripes and loud patterns are all the rage and you better "get into it". The good thing there so many selections to accommodate not just for #Spring but also for #Summer. So I was loving my look so much I decided to get the dressier version from and guess what? You can too........this is one of my Favorites for spring!!

Amara "La diva" Negra.....She ready!!

Congrats goes out to Amara"La Diva" Negra for getting signed to BMG...she's been putting in work for a while. Glad to see she'll finally get the shine and her just do, a true talent. The platform she will stand on will have such a great impact on many and hope she uses it well. She's a reminder to others that "black" is not monolithic in thought,culture,ideas and color. We come in different shades and hues but we are no less intelligent, deserving of the same amount of respect and dignity as anyone else. So far she has been placed in situations that would challenge any human being but handled it with grace and class. To that I wish her Much Success...#Afro-Latina#Afro-Caribbean

Simply Reserved

Reserved Christmas ad campaign looks like fun with Irina Shayk, Jourdan Dunn,Adwoa Aboah, John Kortajarena to boot.