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Fashion Beat!!

Who Rocked?

I love it on either one, just remember this piece by #TomFord can't be worn by everyone. If you belong to the larger bust committee I will advise this look is not for you. I love the makeup look Zendeya is wearing to complement the outfit adds pop and glitter. So who rocked it best Zendaya at the Critic's Choice awards or Gwyneth for Harper's?


Gwyneth Paltrow

AMA's 2014

If you watch the AMA's last night you know the fashion scene was either a hit or a miss!! Some people were like a breath of fresh hair and others were like a "No you did not" meaning why did you leave your house looking like this!! Hits:
No you did not:
Finally the piece de resistance you know the WTF is this moment and body paint!! Here you go:
Disclaimer: Pictures are found on the net not my own personal collection.