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Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Color Trends

    According to Pantone, these are the must-have colors to have in your wardrobe spring 2019. If you're not clued in clue in..... color never goes out style when it comes to springtime. 
Moschino to Christian Siriano and about every other designer is putting their colorful foot forward this spring season. Now I have my favorites picked out for part of spring wardrobe tell what you is it nay or a yay?


Naeem Khan



These are the affordable styles below from brought to you by and 



My so Called Fashion

Ok so right about now I'm about to "date" my self epic-ally. I mean by that throwback to the 90's so yeah I lived through one of the best decades and had fun doing. Now i will not digress where I that I say nah nah nah nah Really fashion is cyclical and that means what was cool today will be cool again sometime in the near future. Welcome back to the 90's as the season is leading us to everything grunge, "#Courtney love" and "#My so called life" Angela and Jordan Catalano and NYC Hot hip-hop/pop scene;Boy-bands to girl groups to all things fun.Ok pulling from nostalgia when T.V was still somewhat innocent and not everything was in your face. So just to give you a simple look down below.....but if you want to recreate an updated look of the 90's what would it be?

my so called life

90's updated look
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Accessories Photos - Vogue:

Calvin klein
Calvin Klein Collection Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show - Frida Westerlund:

Maison Margela
MM6 Maison Margiela Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue:

Alexander Wang


FILA Spring/Summer 2016 Collection | Highsnobiety: FILA Spring/Summer 2016 Collection | Highsnobiety:

Diesel Black Gold Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue:

Fall into flats

Fall into the flats....I know ballerina shoes have been the "IT" thing for the past few seasons. You still got to admit some of them were really quite ugly if I do say so myself. I have found hope...yes there is life after a few seasons of ugly shoes.Somehow this past two years they have been making them to my specificity and I'm not mad at all.Some of my favorites.....what are yours?

These Jimmy Choo will run you about $625 from
Jimmy Choo | Genoa embellished metallic leather point-toe flats | NET-A-PORTER.COM:
Don't fret there are alternatives that are very affordable these from for $79
Steve Madden Eleanorr Black Suede Leather Ankle Wrap Flats at!

Or these from lace-up-pointed-flats-snake for $34
Point Lace Up Flats Snake Lace Up Pointed Flats Cobalt Blue

Will carry into spring 2016 season.....enjoy!!!

Earn your stripes

So thanksgiving is right around the corner....yesss not complaining because this is the time of year you are allowed to break all diet regulations. Now i'm not advocating breaking the rules because as soon as thanks giving is over New years will be around the corner. Every body know we all struggle to lose the weight we gain after the thanksgiving feast. I always said this is why the "little black dress" became a must have item. It hides a boatload of shame and great amount of past guilt from holiday past. Well if you're not a color black person most people aren't...problem solved stripes are in and back in the greatest of ways. Thank god for that other then black and rushing patterns will let you get away with murder. The point is pick according to your body structure if not you might end looking like "bozo behind bars".....other than these two suggestions what would you guys recommend having in your wardrobe post Thanksgiving to cure the holiday weight gain blues?

Just in case here are some great picks to think about..........................Trend Edit: Spliced Geometrics -S/S 2016 – BOLD DIAGONALS / STRUCTURED COLOUR BLOCKING / ARCHITECTURAL REFERENCES / CONTEMPORARY STRIPES & CHECKS:

Missoni Resort 2016
Missoni Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery -

Valentino Resort 2016
Valentino Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery -

Slightly more affordable these selections from Misguided US

Sequin V Neck Playsuit Gold $68

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou Spring /Summer2016 out and all i can say is yes, yes, and absolutely. I love the eccentric and the colorful so anything with color is okay by me. She never seems to fail in bringing great pieces to the forefront for her collection. Let me know what is your favorite piece? Below are some of mine enjoy!!

Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2016

Mary katrantzou rtw ss16 london 0635

Mary katrantzou rtw ss16 london 0687

Mary katrantzou rtw ss16 london 0693

Mary katrantzou rtw ss16 london 0718

Mary katrantzou rtw ss16 london 0693

Fall in L.O.V.E

Probably one of the few people that are ready for the summer season to be over. I know, what some of you are thinking but this heat "#I can't deal". The Fall fashion previews is making it bearable though from the like of Fendi,Prada,etc, nothing says that better than a great coat. I can do a great peacoat and scarf, so whats your favorite piece for fall.......

Fall fashion 2015

ulyana Sergeendko

The 2015 collection is Haute or not?

Trend table 2015-2016

The fashion trend table is the fashion template guide that gives you an idea on what to expect for the upcoming fashion season. A lot of color,metallic and tribal prints this fall until winter. Fall does not have to be dreary it can be fun,definitely but it can also be so much brighter.

Burberry Porsum fall collection

Yasss loving Barbara Bui's shoe collection and Burberry Porsum is giving me my life,sensibilities and dare I say straight attitude like you don't know what. I will try to do a look for less for some of these...but in the mean time let me know......what do you guys think?

Fall 2015-2016 previews


Halston 2016

Loving the Halston resort 2016 collection......

Halston Resort 2016