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Balmain H&M Collection

Some of my favorites pieces from the Bailmain H&M Collection. Great thing is they are very affordable and not bad look for wear......what's your favorite pieces from this collection?

Balmain H&M 2015

Brandy went Uptown Fabulous

Brandy's latest cover of uptown magazine is "everything". Some people grow better with age and I think she's one of those to have come full circle. Child star days of Moesha to grown woman status of "Chardonnay Pitts"....yasssss, I approve. What say you?

Uptown Magazine 2015

Budget shopping....

Some things you purchase you might to spend a bit of money for because well let's be honest quality cost. Still I don't think you have to break the bank to still look your best. The idea to always keep in my is "what looks good on one person will not always look good on someone else". It's the reason why two people can wear the same exact thing and have different appeal and affect. So never forsake your "taste for the thirst" and yes the thirst is real out there, i.e some do too much and yet receive so little. Don't break your bank to purchase labels....say hey to it instead and grab what you need for what you can afford.
Example of dressing on a budget.....

Necessary clothing

Tuxedo Vest Dress

Polyvore Clipper

Polyvore Clipper (clipped to

Lapel Geometric Print Knotted Blue Blouse

CFDA 2015

The CFDA's this year had great fashion and some new faces on the red carpet. However Rihanna change the way we view the CDFA awards last with her sparkly "attire" and nothing has been the same since. It was the usual glam but somehow left a little how do you say uninspired. Fashion is a state of mind and nothing wear what you feel. It's personal and some may like it and some may not but at the end of the day "wear you" and be an original!!
Some of my Fav's of the night though...

CFDA 2015

Lily Aldridge

 Diane Kruger

Karlie Kloss

Taraji Henson

Taylor Swift

So I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan but I can honestly say that her latest song is very catchy and sticks in your your brain long after hearing it.Whoever her current stylist is,all I can say please keep him or her. He or she is doing such a wonderful job styling her as of late and it's paying dividends. She looks like a well put together woman coming into her very own in other words she looks like a star. Love her latest covers for both Elle U.S and UK Glamour....



Glamour UK

Billboard Music Awards 2015...Best Dressed

Best Dressed Man

The vision of a well dressed man who knows how to really wear a suit is heaven. Tinie Tempah is epitome of a well dressed man,truly Coordinated and wears what works for him. Gentleman quarterly rightfully gave him best dressed honor and i definately agree with them on that.
Thank you Tinie Tempah for making it look so flawless.....Classic Man!!

Tinie Tempah

Met Gala 2015

 So last night was the Met Gala 2015, as many of you know this is the most talked about fashion affair of the year other than NY fashion week. Every year there is a theme, in 2014 it was "Beyond Fashion" in 2015 it's all things Chinois or "China Glass". Don't get me wrong I love themed costumed events because it allows people to showcase their absolute creativity but other times it can a "trrrraaaagggeeddyyy". We had some hits and misses last night.....below are my best and worst nominees and "oh no" or should I say Trying to figure this one out" of the Met gala 2015!!!

Best Dressed

Worst Dressed


Disclaimer:All pictures are available on the internet, they don't belong to me.

Cynthia Bailey of RHOA in Kithe Brewster...

Loving Mrs Cynthia Bailey's look last night from watch what happens live. The kithe brewster original of emeral green top and skirt is to die for. A well known stylist who recently debuted his own line, you probably caught that in a previous episode of RHOA where Cynthia was modeling...


Here she was last night with Andy Cohen and Christina Milian on WWHL and she looked stunning