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Hey Friday....

Petty On Purpose

Okay, I know yes it's all over the net #RobKardashian #blackchyna or #whitechyna vs.#AlexisSkyy saga for the past few days. Please understand the dynamics at play, they say "revenge is best served cold". Being petty is an art form that many don't really realize take art and skill. In the famous words of Sun Tzu "if your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate them". Rob has been waiting for this moment to get back at Chyna ever since she got her body remodeled and ran. Understand well I'm not advocating nor am I agreeing to this but I just want you guys to know that I understand. Have to admit in a weird way I think this really comes down to hurt feelings, jealousy and a whole lot of Karma. Too many things at play here and if you look at it from all angles, you can kinda predict how this got started and where it could lead if not maneuvered correctly.  Too many L's to be taken by too many people in this situation and as my mother would say "how you start is how you'll finish". Three Characters, Alexis (likable) Rob (unpredictable) Chyna (welp...I don't know) and a whole storyline that love and hip hop could only dream of putting together. Still "dear Rob don't make this a part two situation this chic is smarter than the last one; in the words of #ChrisBrown these hoes ain't loyal, no they ain't noooo. I'm going to need you to move out of Cali altogether and built a brand new life minus your sisters etc. ....What do you guys think?

Old Rob

Alexis......Don't save her!!

American Music Awards 2015

So last night was the AMA's 2015 but before we get a run down for best dressed list or the looks I was "dag-on it I want it" moment.I have to give it up to J-Lo 40+ never looked so great and she torched the stage. I applauded because what most artist are lacking today is stage presence and performance ability. The use to teach that and if you don't know what i'm talking about, go back and look for Motown history and you will what I mean.Most artist nowadays cant put on a good performance to save their lives the choices are few and far between. Still there were some very good moments and I do have to say some stepped up their fashion game last night as well. I was in love with some Fashion choices and others well....I will not say nothing bad about noooohh-body.....SHHHHHH!!!

J-LO Opening Number

Jennifer Lopez - Dance Medley (Opening Act) at... by jalled92

BDF or Best dressed favorites
Singer Ciara arrives at the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Singer Meghan Trainor went for a little black dress as she arrived to the 2015 American Music Awards on Nov. 22, 2015.american-music-awards-2015