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And the beat goes on....

Wait a minute.....

So Onika Miraj better known as Nicki Minaj decided today she wanted to do a burial and dropped the #Drake and #Meek Mill #GoingBad Reverse. Yes, I said Reverse not remix because she had to get some things off her chest right quick. In case you Missed it she also decided to let us know she's with child whether true or not, I think twitter pause for a good minute. People were falling out trying to catch themselves not knowing what to make of said news. I'm sure it's all over the blogs right now and they'll do their due diligence and give you facts, but by the way, Nicki said right after "just playing everybody". In the meantime, she's heading out on tour with none other than #bigdraco himself on the US leg of her tour and have new music coming together. In other News #BigDraco better known as #Soulja Boy is having the best New year ever......

Going Bad (Reverse)

New Music Monday

New Music

Alright, once again its that time of the week it's new music session. I could have been an A&R in my previous life because music speaks to my soul. I love the indie artist and breaking ground artist simply because they are yet jaded by the "politics" of show business. They do the music simply because they love it and it's their voice they are trying to get out there. I like this track a lot and all its missing is a remix and its good......what do you guys think?

Mina Tobias-Another One

Friday vibing......#Whatchamacallit

Friday Vibes or @Whatchamacallit.....Estelle's new album is a must have!!
Related image

My favorite tracks are "so easy with Luke James, "Karma ft Hoodcelebrity", "Better" and "One more

Now this song is a complete "BOP" by EllaMai and Chris Brown #Whatchamacallit. I'm going to call it now, it will become an anthem to many by accident. Got to give it to Ella Mai she knows how to write to catch a vibe...good or bad.

Friday Music Session......

Friday Music Session.....

I don't know about you but for me, Friday's are the epitome of kids hearing this is the last day of school. The moment you wait all year because summer's about to start and you just want to hang out and have a ball. #TGIF was not only an acronym it was a way of life, waiting on Friday night to come on for Family Matters or a school function or chilling with friends. In the midst of all that was "new music week" where previews for the latest band or act on TRL or 106 and park. I know, I know TRL is back but trust it does not have the same energy nor feel. I need the exects to go back being exects and reopen the roles back for great A&R, Musical acts, R&B singers and sangers and true talent. But in the meantime in between time get acquainted with my Friday Five countdown.....What's your five for 5 playlists?

  1. SummerTime-Childish the choreography by #kinjaz

2.Neyo-Push Back

3.Vivian Green-Vibes

4. Meaku-summer love remix

5.Janet Jackson-Made for now

Fashion Crush Wednesday

Image result for rihanna ft drake work
You probably thought for #FCW would be a fashion post. Well next time, today i decided to throw in some Entertainment instead.Woke up to the sound of the moment....and if you did not know; whelp I'm letting you know now. On that note it's another one for Rihanna and Drake alike, a hit for the charts I mean. They have proven to be a force to be reckoned with when placed on the same "joint" at the same time. If you remember their last collaboration was for "What's my name" off of Rihanna's 5th studio Album Loud. Drake followed suit with a collaboration with Rihanna for his 2011 album Take care whose lead single featured the same name.For you non modern music connoisseur that lingo for "music track".Work is a smooth tempo pop beat set to old dancehall grooves. If you were 80's baby you know the 90's brought out the best dancehall artists. If you have a nostalgia to go back then this track is for you enjoy!!!

So the video finally dropped for this song....Enjoy!!