Fashion Beat!!

Who Rocked?

I love it on either one, just remember this piece by #TomFord can't be worn by everyone. If you belong to the larger bust committee I will advise this look is not for you. I love the makeup look Zendeya is wearing to complement the outfit adds pop and glitter. So who rocked it best Zendaya at the Critic's Choice awards or Gwyneth for Harper's?


Gwyneth Paltrow


I know some of you have been wondering where have I been? Well the funny thing about life is that you can plan for it, but it does not plan for you. Some of those circumstances are births and deaths; like they say “some are coming in while others are exiting”. I've learned over the years to never take life for granted no promises and no guarantees just make the best of everything. Well, I'm back ready to put words to posts and have some fun and Happy New year to everybody and I see 2020 is asking for people to be comfortable in themselves. I welcome it nothing wrong with people seeing you in proper context without the extra unnecessary ingredients! Here's to me posting more frequently and getting a new “home site” and hopefully adding a Merch store to play around with my creative side. What do you guys think? Should I do it? Would you purchase? Let me know? I hope you guys will give me some ideas on what you may or may not like once I start putting some things out to view.