Happy Turkey Day!!

New Music Monday

New Music

Alright, once again its that time of the week it's new music session. I could have been an A&R in my previous life because music speaks to my soul. I love the indie artist and breaking ground artist simply because they are yet jaded by the "politics" of show business. They do the music simply because they love it and it's their voice they are trying to get out there. I like this track a lot and all its missing is a remix and its good......what do you guys think?

Mina Tobias-Another One

Monday Vibes

I love #Mondays before you say it, no not because it's the start of the week. Mondays are unconventional it's always a mixed bag. You either get crazy or you get super nuttier than a fruitcake on holiday. I usually will check in by Wednesday to make all is well with everyone. Should be happy with everyday an opportunity to celebrate life. Just don't kill my vibe cheers to mondays and music. What's your fave day of the week?