Ladies First..


It's been a rough twenty four hours if you've been on twitter land. Yes #Nickiminaj and #CardiB are fighting again. Nothing too see here,but like all "visual car crashes" you can't help but look. I mean when did it become this....for females to be at each other's throats so bad. You don't even know what to make of it,and in the words of CBreezy and Ella mai this is a "whatchamacallit# situation. It's sad to think two women who are at the top of the game, can't come together and make moves together. Open doors for other struggling #femcees and build a legacy. I  think of the days where you had Queen la, Mclyte, Monie love,Roxanne,Salt N peppa etc. You had femcees singing "ladies first" and coming together because they were all they had . I pick no side,because obviously there's not a winner or loser to pick from. All I can say is do better ladies....tell me what you guys think about all this? 


Your voice Your vote...

Your voice Your vote

I know it's the weekend and October came and went pretty fast and can't believe #Halloween is right around the corner. The most exciting thing right now for me though is the elections that are coming for local, state and federal government. In so doing my part this year has partnered up with reminding you guys to get registered. I registered early as to avoid any issues with ID or errors. In case you're not sure early voting starts Monday the 22nd and you can avoid the long lines and vote early. Don't forget you also have the option of mailing in your absentee ballot as well. This year for me I prefer to go in and pull the lever for and make my vote count in a way that's personal. My vote is my voice and I can't be heard if don't vote.........Are you registered yet? if you are you can also check your voter status and make sure Don't get left behind get in line and make it count. Get registered today.....#vote#rockthevote2018

Friday vibing......#Whatchamacallit

Friday Vibes or @Whatchamacallit.....Estelle's new album is a must have!!
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My favorite tracks are "so easy with Luke James, "Karma ft Hoodcelebrity", "Better" and "One more

Now this song is a complete "BOP" by EllaMai and Chris Brown #Whatchamacallit. I'm going to call it now, it will become an anthem to many by accident. Got to give it to Ella Mai she knows how to write to catch a vibe...good or bad.