African Millennials....

In case no one has told you.....there are some great series on Youtube, that are Soo worth watching. I recently stumbled upon the "Tough Love" series and binged watched all three seasons. Youtube have opened the "floor" to such an array of talent, that if you're not watching you should be. This is how I discovered Issa Rae as an "awkward black girl" or currently watching my home girl's"African Millennials". Which currently airing it's second season might I had and so far I'm hoping for season 3. If you're not watching you should and if you are what are some of your favorites?

Shouts out to @iamsamfierce for putting me on to African Millennials....check them out

And "Tough Love" the series

Dear BET,Netflix,Hulu, Showtime or HBO pick up this series totally worth it. So much material and realistic writing about today's dating seen and relationships.