It's all about the Bejamins-#MCM

"It's all about the Benjamin" That is Les Benjamins 2016 delivery for the men's street wear couture line.This collection is all about pop icons from Basquiat, to grace Jones and charlie Chaplin. The collection draped with backgrounds of exceptional Persian rugs so the apropos tittle is only befitting.Enjoy the "Ottoman Punk" collection and let me know whose your favorite #MCM (Male Couture Monday) honory?

Les Benjamins-Ottoman Punk 2016
Les Benjamins Fall/Winter 2016 - Fucking Young! - Les Benjamins considers a psychedelic collision of culture and rebellion for Fall/Winter 2016, immersed in our transcendental reality and the rhythm of the street. Designer Bunyamin Aydin evolves the brand signature of graphic jersey into a holistic leisure wardrobe, harnessing... »:
Les Benjamins Fall/Winter 2016:


My so Called Fashion

Ok so right about now I'm about to "date" my self epic-ally. I mean by that throwback to the 90's so yeah I lived through one of the best decades and had fun doing. Now i will not digress where I that I say nah nah nah nah Really fashion is cyclical and that means what was cool today will be cool again sometime in the near future. Welcome back to the 90's as the season is leading us to everything grunge, "#Courtney love" and "#My so called life" Angela and Jordan Catalano and NYC Hot hip-hop/pop scene;Boy-bands to girl groups to all things fun.Ok pulling from nostalgia when T.V was still somewhat innocent and not everything was in your face. So just to give you a simple look down below.....but if you want to recreate an updated look of the 90's what would it be?

my so called life

90's updated look
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Alexander Wang


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