Christmas countdown

So the holidays seems to be going by real fast which can be a blessing and a curse. We just celebrated thanksgiving and Christmas came rushing in like mighty rushing wind. I can't deal..... the year has been going by quickly and in just a few short weeks we will be welcoming a new year. I promised myself no new, New Years resolutions..(ha hah singing in my head "tell me why you lying,cause you know you lying"). I guess this past year has been about just embracing the moments of "Now" for me. Yet if you're one of those people that love the holiday season then you have already mastered what I call "smart shopping". Shop ahead and know the people you're shopping for because the wrong gift will get you a fruit cake the next Christmas. We all know how much we "love fruitcake" (<----sarcasm). I know Christmas is about more than gifts,its enjoying your family,it's your community,and the festivities. For the fashionista I have my what on your list this Christmas?

On my wish list.......

The Holiday Wish List With Neiman Marcus: Contest Entry