Beauty DIY

Growing up my mom always made sure to remind me"your face is your passport". You can't judge a book by it's cover. Yet the cover is what attracts you and make you want to pick up the book,let's be honest.What you put into and on your body you will also get out of it basic process of action and reaction.It's important to protect and care for your body and mental well being. Keep this in mind "if it's stresses you let it go". Life is short and living is a 24 hour a day job and truly living not about having everything. Having a sound mind and a beautiful spirit goes a long way.I love a goo Spa treatment but if you don't have time,next best thing will do.Home beauty regiment is a must like sugar and spice are everything nice a good scrub does a body good..what's your beauty regiment?

Great for Acne and Cellulite
Main ingredients:coffee,Sugar,coconut oil
Can be a little messy
Lemon Sugar
Works as a great skin buffer by removing dead skin,acne scars,skin brightener
Main ingredients:Lemon juice,Sugar
Works on Acne and dark circles under the eyes
Main ingredients:Tumeric,yogurt,honey
To remove dark circles makes the three and sleep overnight rinse in the morning
Beautiful glowing skin scrub:Tumeric,Sugar,vitamin E oil,olive oil 

Bronzing/Moisturizing Oils
Lucy B organic $48

Estee lauder

At the end of all this....a great bronzing moisturizing lotion or oil seals the deal and voila!!!

Disclaimer:Do not use these if you have any allergies or reactions...use at your own discretion not liable for any adverse side effects or injuries.

Swizzy,Tunechi,Breezy in Haiti

So last night was epic a free concert was held in the city of Port-au-Prince by some of today's well known artist. Swizzy,Tunechi,Breezy and a slew of local home grown artist like Barikad crew were on the island making a little bit of history. "The put on for the city" in a big way and the crowd was overwhelming but a good time had by all to say the least. Haiti's growing tourism is bringing a lot of different mix of celebrities,athletes and charities into the country. The likes of Gabby Union,Angela Simmons,Dwayne Wyade,Chris Brown,Lil'Wayne,Swizz Beats,Movado,Dj Khaled,Rick Ross and so on and so forth. Haiti has been known to be the pearl of the Caribbean at one time seems like they are ready to reclaim that title again!!

Haiti 2015

Atelier Versace fall 2015 preview

I still laugh out loud everytime I remember Lil' Kim (I know) stating no "touchy the versace" one of my favorite lines from a show or movie.Versace fall preview is looking like a winner I must say, especially with all the geometric prints and design. The theme seems to be black,white and blue and I'm not mad because it looks fabulous!!!

Versace Pre-Fall 2015

Paris fashion week

Its almost that time of year full fashion swing and fashion weeks around the globe are underway. This week is in the city of "L'amour" loosely transalated the city.of love. So the fashionable people are out in droves and this is the best time to people watch.

Paris fashion week 2015-16

Whose the fairest of them all...

It's "hump day" and usually on hump day we have FCW(fashion crush Wednesday) honoree and said honoree could be from this generation or past. I'm also living it open as well to the everyday person who feels like the should be a FCW honoree E-mail and submitted yourself. I love history and to me you have to have a start, a middle and an ending. So I was thinking about it the other day and voila, I thought why not Ebony Fashion fair. What most people don't realize Ebony fashion fair goes back more than fifty plus years and was the holy grail of fashion for black consumers.The fashion traveling show showcased "Black Americana" and kicked down some racial barriers for models,editors,designers and consumers alike. The equivalent of fashion week for "Black Americana" and at the helm was Eunice Johnson. You could find the likes of Pat Cleveland,Andre Leon-Talley,Yves St. Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro, Christian Lacroix, and Patrick Kelly amongst others.

Ebony Fashion Fair

You see some of that history at the as well as a major city near you.

You So Shady....

Yes one's future can look so bright you might have to wear some shades. Other than bags, eye wear is the next best thing in all things accessory. Even if you're "swag" is weak you can always fake it behind a cool pair of sunglasses. No one has to look at you in the eye to tell if you're faking the funk.The way it's trending we are going big and vintage style wise all the way through twenty sixteen.So say good bye to your aviators and hello to frames that takes space,frame less,square shaped and and say here I am. Me myself I prefer vintage but  you can always rock modern vintage and be fearless.....may cost you a bit more for designer but the alternatives are just as good and pretty much can look the same,with minor detail changes.

Eyewear Trends 2015-2016 

Acetate Hamilton Sunglasses in Grey w/ Silver Mirror

Prabal Gurung Transluscent Red Gradient Sunnies

 While the above will run you in the hundreds of dollars the ones below will run you about $12 U.S from

Wrap it up

So we haven't even really hit summer yet but I'm already talking about the fall.Don't blame me far the "peach state" has been experiencing what I call weather from hell. It's when it's so hot you actually start thinking about all the bad things you've done and want to repent, hell must be hot and this can't be life.I here thinking about hashtags like nope #Negative#nomaam#Ican'tdeal. Now back to your original set
programming, as of fall 2015-2016 it's all a wrap. The wrap skirt that is and it's all over the runway from sheer to short,long to mid-length,leather to lace. So if you had a wrap skirt in your closet from falls past well it's time to dust it off and be is cyclical as well recyclable nothing ever gets old. Whatever is old is new again.....what say you, will you wrap or unwrap?

African Journey

So if you haven't been keeping up with the latest fashion trends and don't know it's all things "Africa" then you have been living under a rock. Most of your major designers are moving towards the trend as of 2015  spilling over into 2016. The likes of Herve Leger,Stella Jean,Michael Pilotto,Boxkitten are a few mentions and the list could go on and forever but I digress. The amazing cut of the fabrics,to the vibrant hues,ruffles, and intricate accessories, it's one trend I don't mind falling into.May find some of your favorites celebs like Solange and Beyonce Knowles,Liya Kebede and slew of others rocking the trend.

Africa has never looked so good:

United States

Smells like......

"Smells like teen spirit"....I surely hope not one needs to elevate and grow when it comes to perfumery. They say perfume is an aphrodisiac other than a foreign language or a delicious meal. Having a delightful palette is sensitive to food,so goes the sense of smell. We all gravitate towards something, some of us peonies,bergamot,sandalwood,an au de toillette maybe perfume. Whatever you prefer make sure it's all about you and your sensibilities but never offensive.

Green-haired witness gives perfect description of a police chase and acc...

I know this is a fashion blog but there are some moments that should never be missed. Friends or family and should never let one play connect the brows no maam.This is why if you don't know how to wear or apply makeup properly, go to the nearest mall makeup counter, your sister-friend,phone a friend,and ask for help. Besides that this dude is hilarious plus he is on SYTYCD...good dancer may I say he has the possibilities of a comedic actor!!

Summer essentials

I love accessories because sometimes the outfit is terrible but due accessories you will over look some faults. In comes my three essentials, scarf,sunglasses, and a to die for handbag. Now most would assume a scarf why would you need a scar in the summer. Bamn here we everyone has had a bad hair day here and there,facts of life. One you either having a"F*%k it" I'm going to be me day (sarcasm),or two you forgot to schedule your appoint with your favorite hair stylist ahead of time. I thinking about sitting in a salon for hours waiting until they can get you in,to that I say no maam.So here is where the scarf come in depending on your can be colorful,mundane,wear it in a bun,turban style,or all of the above.So when in doubt wear a scarf out.....!!

How to wear a scarf: Anyway you want...just make it look good!!

Great scarfs from


Giving the sad cat face, since I missed my FCW posting and always looking forward to it too. It's probably one of my favorite post weekly and got pre-occupied and had to skip it this week. I will have new posting coming up next week. In the meantime you guys can feel free to nominate someone yourself or give me an idea to whom you would like to see on the blog.

Ok don't mind the cat.....the cat look crazy, I swear I don't look like this in real life!!

Street style....

Street style is the best get to see so much creativity from people across the board. During the times I lived in NYC that was my favorite thing heading out from the burbs to Manhattan.You got to see the classic well tailored suit to the chic dresses on 5th avenue. The borderline eccentric hippy boho chic lady on the subway,to the dude that talks to birds and rocks feathers all day. The guy selling T-shirts on the street and the round the way upcoming boutiques. The thing is you ended up with a collective of the good, the bad and the darn right ugly. Still you felt inspired to go home and try to pick out of your closet the next thing you were going to wear, so you could stand out. It wasn't necessarily about being different but more of the "I will liberate my closet and set my style free". In the famous rhythmic words of Digable planets one just have to be "Cool Like dat"


Puting on makeup in the summertime weather I can take it or leave it. So i try the less is more method because; there is nothing worse than getting your face "done to the max" and stepping outside only to look like the clown from the movie it. I learned lessons from these kind of moments and have embraced bronze like a lost person in a desert dying of thirst. I get basic coverage,a warm glow, add some mascara maybe a lip stain or lipstick and I'm good to go.
Some of my favorite to wear during summer season......everyone is what is your method?

Summer makeup proof 

Budget shopping....

Some things you purchase you might to spend a bit of money for because well let's be honest quality cost. Still I don't think you have to break the bank to still look your best. The idea to always keep in my is "what looks good on one person will not always look good on someone else". It's the reason why two people can wear the same exact thing and have different appeal and affect. So never forsake your "taste for the thirst" and yes the thirst is real out there, i.e some do too much and yet receive so little. Don't break your bank to purchase labels....say hey to it instead and grab what you need for what you can afford.
Example of dressing on a budget.....

Necessary clothing

Tuxedo Vest Dress

Polyvore Clipper

Polyvore Clipper (clipped to

Lapel Geometric Print Knotted Blue Blouse

CFDA 2015

The CFDA's this year had great fashion and some new faces on the red carpet. However Rihanna change the way we view the CDFA awards last with her sparkly "attire" and nothing has been the same since. It was the usual glam but somehow left a little how do you say uninspired. Fashion is a state of mind and nothing wear what you feel. It's personal and some may like it and some may not but at the end of the day "wear you" and be an original!!
Some of my Fav's of the night though...

CFDA 2015

Lily Aldridge

 Diane Kruger

Karlie Kloss

Taraji Henson