Cardio in style.....

"I'm brining skinny back yeah"(Justin Timbelake).....lies I say. Bringing back or trying to bring back some things are pointless because gravity has taken over. As you get older you realize gravity is not your friend ever. Would I love my body to do what it use to do when I was sixteen, Yessssssss then I remember ummm yeah that's never happening and reality kicks in. In honor of getting my snapback, I have to put work and gosh darn it...If don't want to scream at the end of cardio. Then i remember Summer is right around the corner and "we" have to pull it together.
I decided dance class you be added to my routine excersise goes nothing. 
These shoes do come in handy since i like dancing bare feet plus they come in all colors....Yes,Yes!!!

Workout shoes/socks

It's about that time.....

It's just about that time of year again. Duh duh duh......the dreaded time of year where you have to forsake all your indulgences and get that "body right" mode. Also with that come picking the right bathing suit to wear it properly. Two things to remember always....number one pick the right suit for your body type and don't be adverse to switch it up. Nothing worse then seeing someone on the beach wearing a "oh heck naww" piece. It brings me to two places "you have no friends" or they don't like you very much at all. Now let operation beach body commence.........

Victoria secrets Swim one of my faves.....p.s they have a mix and match options and preview what your suit will look like!!!


Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Marc Jacobs edp perfume
$82 -

Monsoon travel dopp kit

BP mini nail polish

Nail polish

Nail care

Mink false eyelash
$37 -

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup



MANGO sleeveless crop top
$22 -

Stiletto sandals

Cookie cutter

Lene Bjerre scandinavian home decor
$20 -

Design letter
$33 -