boo and boo factory.....

I love finding new designers,talents and designs. One such today is by BooandBoo Factory out Chicago. She designs great pieces made of leather goods and plenty of colors and shape to electrify your fashion sensibilities....enjoy.

BooandBoo Factory

Dressing on a budget....

Style is a state of mind, in other words dressing is all about what looks good to you and you're comfortable in. Whether you spend a thousand,one hundred or even ten dollars only you and yourself should know cost.
Here are some pieces I like from H&M U.S.

Add accessories and shoes to it and let know what you guys thin?!! 

Fashion Crush Wednesday

Kudos to these three designers for making my FCW (Fashion Crush List) really, there are some superb up and coming designers who I believe if the continue on their trajectory, and keep making great clothes; not only will they rival most fashion houses but watch out, they may have competition.....

Spring 2015 collections:




Edike your way...

I love a great cause when it benefits so many people in so many different ways and for different reasons. After a country has gone through such devation a little ray of sunshine and ability to helt help oneself is a beautiful thing.....kudos to for doing just that.

Cynthia Bailey of RHOA in Kithe Brewster...

Loving Mrs Cynthia Bailey's look last night from watch what happens live. The kithe brewster original of emeral green top and skirt is to die for. A well known stylist who recently debuted his own line, you probably caught that in a previous episode of RHOA where Cynthia was modeling...


Here she was last night with Andy Cohen and Christina Milian on WWHL and she looked stunning 

Spring it forward....

Well with this weather pattern going on across the country these are the times I wished Spring would pop out of nowhere and say here I'am. Yet I digress and maybe it's me I'm getting ready to set up my spring/summer wardrobe don't laugh. Little essentials that gives me hope that this frigid cold is temporary and it too shall pass. Maxi dresses are like the new little black dress, a stable in the closet that will eventually become permanent. You can dress them up and dress them down but you can dress them and Pink and lavender yes for spring I welcome it too. I think for me anything that accentuate your best is always a must wear what you like and make it look good!!

Wild 'N Out | Chico & Karlous Old-School Rap Battle | Wildstyle

I love to laugh I know this not a fashion post but every once in a while one has to break the monotony. Laughter makes you young at heart,enjoy a little of laughter every now and than. This by far was one of the funniest things I have seen on comedic show since In Living Color. The unexpected is always the best because there is no expectations...Enjoy!!

Fashion Crush Wednesday

"Fashion Crush Wednesday"..I nominate none other than Omyhyra Mota i mean when a chick is fierce she's fierce. She's the epitome of the artist formerly known as Prince having a baby by Bianca Jagger. You know you're bad when you don't have to a say word and simply let your photos do the talking.......yasss work chick work!!!

Fashion Crush Wednesday

Never black and white...

I love all things artistic especially a very good bag or a nice clutch. As a person who absolute love all things color as well, imagine the "ah hah" moment when i found creations by angel on Etsy. Yes darlings a world of discovery at your fingertips to not only find the "best"and the brightest.

Creations by Angel

Dream Bathroom