Burberry New ad campaign...

Burberry's new ad campaign 2015 featuring Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn is nothing but gorg. There are models and then there's Naomi who is in a class all by herself. Say what you want when it comes to fashion...she got "IT",she did "IT",and she's still killing "IT". Alot of fresh faces on the runaway some popular by accident, but when you're born with that particular "je ne cest quoi" you don't have to try...you just do!!
She does......

Lancome and Lupita...

My fashion Crush Wednesday goes to the one and only, miss Lupita Nyongo....i mean come on. To be a "bad chic" in my book, you have to present yourself not just with fashion but sophistication only to be match up with style and grace. When you embody this you need no announcements to be made. As you walk into any room the room the only thing your style should say is I've arrived and in the famous words of Beyonce.."Bown down well you know the rest.......yesss!!

Art is life

art is life

Black velvet mini dress
$16 - desireclothing.co.uk

Balenciaga decorating bag

Salvatore ferragamo perfume
$3,910 - harrods.com

Alexis Mabille....

Alexis Mabille. I love designers that do not stray so far that when you look at their garments you wonder "mmmhhh" so where am I suppose to wear this. I like to be able to where what i like and have others ask so where did you find this piece and that piece. If a designer is able to make people ask question than i.e you've done your job...in my book you're one of a kind!!


Iceberg.....no not the lettuce!!

If you truly know me you know I love color and nothing but color. I have a love with accessories and all things thereof because me and accessories do indeed get along. You can definitely make an outfit by the accessories you wear and nothing says I've arrived then a little piece of "Ice" or should I say "Iceberg"...

Who says you have to be conventional for the holidays.....I say dare to be different and i'm loving intermixes samples for Holiday wear. New years is suppose to about the Ritz and the glam, pump and circumstance but  sometimes you can have all that without all the fanfare!!

Marcella Moda....

There are some great local/home based designers that have some great pieces and finding Marcella Moda has a been a breath of fresh air. Simplicity and elegance at it's finest......

Undergarments do count....

Wearing the right undergarments can make you feel some type of way. A great pear of undergarments can either bring your sexy back for kill it dead without resuscitation.
So before you do this to yourself 

Underwear crimes:

Suggestion get better underwear please and do not be a fashion victim let alone an underwear victim

Golden Dreams

My FCW today has to be duh duh duh duh....none other than Micah Gianelli. Instagram can be a tool for good or one for welp you already know. Luckily this time it was a source of good....I can honestly say she has a great eye for what works for her. If you're going to inspire to be all things fashion..let it not be fashion victim.
Micah Gianneli_Top fashion style blogger_Faith Connexion_J Brand_Another Love Boutique_Thierry Lasry_Mode Collective_Furla_Monochrome streetstyle editorial_Short platinum hair

Nothing But Tico...

Always said if Grace Jones had a "model baby" it's name would be Tico Armand. Striking features and high cheekbones are never a minus but definitely a plus.I say cheers to being fierce and fabulous as an honoree for FCW (fashion crush Wednesday)!!